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Payment Processing for Plastic Surgeons

plastic surgeon happy with payments system

Our Integrations Won’t Cut Into Your Profits

Give your practice a lift with our payment processing for cosmetic surgeons with free integration into your medical software platform. Payment processing for “high risk” medical practices often comes with inflated rates, stricter terms, and additional verifications to cover the risk of chargeback disputes. Making matters worse, plastic surgery practices pay a premium for accepting payments through their proprietary medical software.


We’ll help you eliminate those higher rates while keeping your back-office operations streamlined. Our payment solutions seamlessly integrate with most medical software platforms, making credit card processing for plastic surgeons easier and less expensive. Additionally, you can keep more of your revenue by offering your patients the choice between credit card convenience or cash savings with Dual Pricing payment options that helps practices offset payment processing costs.


5 Signs You Are Paying Too Much For Credit Card Processing: Learn How To Eliminate Excessive Fees Today!

Benefits of Credit Card Processing for Plastic Surgeons


Lower rates reduce monthly fees while increasing profits


Consolidated payment sources


Most payment methods accepted for better service


Transparency & no hidden fees


Seamless integration with proprietary medical software


No cost for terminals

Hassle-Free Payment Processing for Plastic Surgeons


Our free integration means more revenue and less paperwork! We never consider any medical practice high-risk, making payment processing for plastic surgeons faster, more convenient, and less expensive. Verifications and disputes are handled quickly, your practice will realize a savings of at least 1-2% over traditional processing, and total payments show up on every ledger without double entry.


  • Dedicated account representative

  • On-site installation and set-up

  • World-class US-based technical support available 24/7/365

  • Secure and HIPAA compliant

  • More payment options for patients means less stress for your billing department


Give Your Patients More Payment Options


Text2Pay and Email2Pay


Contactless Payments


Recurring Payments


Online Payments


EMV and Tap2Pay Terminals

Our sign-on bonus is paid upon installation! Discover your savings with SignaPay Medical.

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