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Here at SignaPay Medical, relationships are the foundation of our business. We put your medical practice's needs first and take the time to ensure your office has the right medical payment processing solutions in place. Our focus on helping practices grow and increase their bottom line is unrivaled in the industry, setting us apart from other healthcare credit card processors. 

We offer free healthcare payment technology, seamless integrations, savings on processing fees with our Dual Pricing plan, and a sign on bonus at installation.



Reason #1

We stand behind a long history of excellence in not only offering low costs with high quality products, but also on giving our clients the best service and solutions they deserve.

Reason #2

Our dedicated team is passionate about building profitable partnerships based on trust, honesty, and integrity. Building relationships is a main priority to us and we are committed to maintaining and maximizing profitable partners for years to come.

Reason #3

Our talented team of medical payments experts are available to help you improve, build, and maintain a loyal patient database. We are here to assist as your payments expert as well as your business advisor.

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