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Medical payments team

The Preferred Medical Payment Partner for Healthcare Providers

Medical Payment Processing
Take the Easy Way with SignaPay

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Credit Card Processing

Provide customers with fast, secure credit card processing technology backed by a dedicated, US-based service and support team.

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Dual Pricing

Add to your bottom line and save thousands by taking advantage of our Dual Pricing program, designed to help you save more.

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eCommerce Payments

Take your medical payments online and cater to a wider customer base with our convenient and secure payment gateways.



Our medical payment terminals enable you to handle transactions swiftly so that you can dedicate greater attention to patient care.

Experience You Can Count On

We specialize in providing medical payment processing solutions for healthcare providers.


SignaPay Medical streamlines revenue cycle management and enables healthcare providers to get paid faster, with innovative solutions that offer patients more options to pay. When you partner with us, healthcare providers can expect transparent pricing, world-class customer support, and secure and compliant solutions. Discover how our medical payments solutions make payments easy, quick and secure for both your organization and customers.

Risk Management

Our risk management team actively monitors all medical payment processing activity and will contact you immediately if there are any red flags apparent in your transactions.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves in providing outstanding, personalized customer service, with a dedicated representative that will get to know your business inside and out.

Payment Security

SignaPay is Level 1 PCI DDS certified. With ongoing scans, risk assessments, and penetration testing you can ensure you have both a partner and a solution you can trust.

HIPAA Compliance

We ensure the secure handling of patient data, create safeguards against breaches, and we’ll help your organization maintain compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Increase Revenue

We always strive to find you the best rates available for traditional processing and with our Dual Pricing program, you’ll see even more savings for your business.

Payment Terminals

Whether you just need a robust payment terminal, or an all-inclusive POS system, we have you covered with our custom suite of versatile products designed for your healthcare business.


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Medical Industries We Serve

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Software Integrations for Medical Payments

Our medical payment solutions seamlessly integrate into your practice management software, so that your medical practice never misses a beat.

Medical payment processing

Increase your revenue with one simple switch.

Our Dual Pricing program can help you add to your bottom line. The program has baked-in technology that automatically assesses customer assistance fees and Dual Pricing amounts with each purchase. Much simpler than traditional processing, the program offers fixed flat or fixed percentage-based fee structures.

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